Seeka TV and production company Lullskull LTD have been working on Northbound Season 3 for the past few months. Now here’s the first peek at the results of that labor:

This character’s name is Hannah, and according to promotional materials, she “is central to a conflict between post-Cataclysmic survivalist camps The Infinity Group and Firewalkers, who are at odds with the mysterious military force Allied Command North America.” Got that?

Hannah is a new character to Northbound, which has played for two seasons on Seeka. The show ranks among Seeka’s top 5 streamed programs, and the second season will be screened for a live audience at the Moving Parts Film Festival in Hollywood on September 14. As for the third, it’s deep in production — filming started on the eighth of this month.

The series story follows the early days of lone father, Alex as he travels a rugged post-Cataclysmic North American landscape with his comatose daughter, Crystal. Along the way, he gives his all to protect her as they come into contact with other survivalist groups challenging each other for control of the North Woods.

Season 3 of Northbound will premiere in the spring of 2019, exclusively on Seeka.