Speaking with Digital Spy, Naughty Dog‘s Community Strategist Arne Meyer has said there is “definitely” no more single player DLC for The Last Of Us. Naughty Dog‘s critically acclaimed third-person survival story won critics over when it was released last year, receiving not only Game of the Year awards, but also Game of the Generation awards.

Critics have laden heavy praise on the spectacular handling of the main story in The Last Of Us, resulting in the PS3 game receiving an average 95% score on review aggregator Metacritic.

The Last Of Us has seen just one single player, narrative driven downloadable content release; the popular Left Behind content exploring the back story of one of the games’ lead characters, Ellie. Left Behind is held in equally high regard to the original game, thanks to more of Naughty Dog‘s stellar story telling.

We just wanted to say when we released the Remastered version, we know there’s a lot of DLC out there, and that we weren’t going to stop supporting both the PS3 and PS4 versions” said Meyer.

We do have some DLC planned, it’ll be multiplayer focused. We’re not ready to talk about the details yet, but throughout the rest of the year we’ll have some DLC drops.

With The Last of Us Remastered coming to the PlayStation 4 in a little less than two weeks, it was unclear whether the bundled Left Behind DLC would be the only story expansion or whether further DLC would come to both the PS3 and PS4.

The Last of Us Remastered will not only boast enhanced graphics, making the most of the PS4’s power, there are a few other additions too. There will be an optional track for players’ to listen to developer commentary, the option to tweak controls, a photo editor and a 30-frames-per-second lock option.

Here’s the beautiful PS4 trailer for The Last of Us Remastered. It’s so pretty!

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