Everyone loves metroidvanias….even more so when they actually work on the systems they were born from. Programmer Dustin Huddleston has spent the last few years working on a new exploration-based platformer called NIX: The Paradox Relic. The game was released today for PC, and not only is it in retro 8-bit style, it actually works on a real NES.

A band of dangerous space pirates have invaded and taken over a research facility. You are Nix, the anthropomorphic fox from outer space, and the only bounty hunter brave enough to take on the job of clearing them out of there. But you’ve got more to worry about than just them…seems some dangerous experiments were being conducted inside, and the products of those experiments aren’t friendly…

  • A cast of colorful anthropomorphic animal characters to meet, and deadly space pirates to track down and defeat.
  • Explore the abandoned Neoterica Research Facility, with many unique environments, dangers, valuable artifacts, and secrets. Access new areas as your abilities grow.
  • Piece together the mystery of what happened to the facility as you speak to friendly characters, read computer terminals, and discover lost technological artifacts.
  • An array of unlockable abilities that increase your combat skills and allow you to access new areas.
  • A roster of deadly monsters to fight.
  • 7 intense and hand-crafted boss battles!
  • Flash based saving! (For the cartridge version) No worries about losing your save due to a dead save battery. (Saving compatible with emulators that support it, or skip the save points and use emulator save states.)
  • An alternate ending for determined explorers!
  • General-audience friendly. Designed with the same standards a real NES game would have faced in the approval process.

For the undecided, Huddleston has made a free demo available of the game that includes the first major area. It’s pretty impressive. NIX: The Paradox Relic is now available for modern and retro systems.