Next month Nintendo will be partnering with Lego to produce a series of Super Mario-themed playsets. But how can you play Lego Mario without the hardware? Lego thought of that one…today they revealed they’re also releasing a brick version of the NES.

The 2,646-piece Lego Nintendo Entertainment System was uncovered by the Hong Kong website VJGamer and confirmed by the Lego Twitter account shortly thereafter. It comes with all the bricks you need to build an NES, a Super Mario cartridge (or “Game Pak” as they were sold as), one controller, and a CRT television.

Image from VJGamer

The set is compatible with the other planned Super Mario Lego sets — an image from VJGamer depicts the Mario from the Starter Set chilling out above the Lego TV, with a speech bubble coming from his mouth suggesting he’ll unlock some kind of sound effect feature. Also note the crank built into the back of the television….when it is turned, the level scrolls and Mario automatically jumps over obstacles.

It doesn’t sound like the Lego NES set is going to come cheap. Estimates put the price at €299.99, or around $340 in US doillars. The actual price hasn’t been officially announced yet, but we think having a fake old console cost as much as a real current one is a bridge too far.

Lego and Nintendo have not officially announced the set, but their press release is likely coming very soon.