Just a few short years ago, Star Trek felt pretty dead as a platform. Now there are truckloads of Trek-related material being produced — Discovery is on its second season, and a record four TV programs are now in development set in Kirk’s universe, ranging from comedy to drama to a spy show starring Michelle Yeoh. The catch: the solid majority of these shows are meant for one singular streaming service owned by stodgy TV institution CBS.

Until today. Paramount announced they’re currently developing a Star Trek series for another channel….well, it’s actually a Nickelodeon cartoon. But at least you won’t have to pay extra to watch the thing.

If the production goes all the way to completion, it would actually be the SECOND Star Trek kiddie cartoon to exist. The first was made back in the 1970s by Filmation, and aired on Saturday mornings. This didn’t result in an inferior product however (except for Filmation’s trademark stilted animation)….the show’s writers treated it just like the original, and many episodes could have been done on the original series with no hint of being “kiddified.”

We have no idea how kiddified a Nick Star Trek could be. It could be taken seriously, or it could be an 11-minute cartoon full of wacky gags ala TTG or Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There’s no middle ground in this market. Flip a coin; we’re getting honor or blasphemy.

Alex Kurtzman will serve as executive producer for this project, while Kevin and Dan Hageman (The Lego Movie, Hotel Transylvania, Trollhunters) will write the scripts. There is currently no release window for the Star Trek cartoon.

[Source: Deadline]

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