Mastertronic, the UK’s leading independent publisher of computer and video games,today released the latest trailer for upcoming title The Cursed Crusade. The new trailer reveals the Curse which affects central character Denz de Bayle and his companion Esteban. The Curse adds another layer of gameplay to the Cursed Crusade, with players able to utilise powerful fighting abilities, produce flame attacks and discover hidden entrances within the game.

Mastertronic’s Product Director Neil McKenna said “The Curse aspect of this title adds to an already exciting action-adventure gaming mechanic. Players will need to master the Curse, alongside over 130 weapons and 16 fighting techniques, to defeat their enemies and progress through the game. The latest trailer also shows off jaw-dropping cinematics that merge seamlessly with actual gameplay. The Cursed Crusade will be a standalone title in the action-adventure genre and we expect fans to be blown away when it’s released later this year.”