New My Hero Academia Episode To Debut At NYCC


Crunchyroll has a lot planned for NYCC next month, but perhaps nothing larger than this: they’ve announced the screening of an all-new, never before seen episode from My Hero Academia Season 6. NYCC attendees will be the first to see it…no one in Japan has yet.

As far as we can tell, this isn’t the season premiere (or at least it’s not marked as such). Aren’t most MHA episodes connected in some way? Won’t it be unsatisfying to get only PART of a story? Well, that’s not what’s happening. This episode they picked is actually stand-alone. Plot synopsis reads as such: “The third year, Mirio Togata, pays a visit to the students of Class 1-A, who are bored because they are not allowed to go outside. He brings them a card game called U.A. Heroes Battle that the support course made. This game, where players can use cards of various U.A. students, is tough, just like U.A. itself. Who will win the card battle?!”

Since any sort of conflict is restricted to an imaginary battle, nothing in this episode will affect the larger MHA storyline. Now you see why animation studio BONES (Mob Psycho 100; Bungo Stray Dogs) would feel comfortable giving it away. Even still…it’s a new MHA episode that American con goers get to see before anyone, and that’s cool.

In keeping with the card theme, attendees of the screening will receive limited edition character cards provided by UVS Games that are based on the episode and playable with the My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game. If you’re not at the screening, but attending the con, you can get them as a gift with a purchase at Crunchyroll’s merch booth on the show floor.

The MHA: UA Heroes Battle screening will take place on Friday, October 13 at 5:00 PM ET at the Empire Stage.

New My Hero Academia Episode To Debut At NYCC