It may not seem it, but the announcement of a brand new video game is a beautiful thing. It shows just how much progress a video game company has done in a certain amount of time, and they’re ready to show their creation to the world. And for the team at Shifting Tides, they’re ready to reveal their very interesting first-person puzzle game known simply as The Sojourn, where you’re going to be going through parallel worlds in order to figure out reality.

Does that sound deep? Because it gets even deeper believe it or not. The game has you as a being that is born into a land that is meant to be utterly pure. But as you’ll find out, darkness is everywhere, and you’ll have to embrace the darkness and to its home in order to figure out what is reality.

The game has four chapters full of unique environments, and a plethora of puzzles that you can solve if you put your mind in the right place.

Key features
– Dozens-upon-dozens of challenging puzzles
– Delve into four beautifully crafted chapters, each with their own distinct style and atmosphere
– Banish the darkness in order to reveal the obstacles The Sojourn has prepared for you
– Unravel a captivating tale of light, darkness, and the nature of reality.

You can check out the reveal trailer for The Sojourn below.