We have a visual on the plastic menace set to terrorize the neighborhood this summer. MGM’s latest trailer for the Child’s Play remake was released today, and for the first time in the entire campaign, the “new” Chucky has been revealed.

The problem with having a chubby plastic doll as your serial killer is that you can never take him completely seriously. This trailer certainly attempts to create tension with its death traps punctuated by jump cuts, but when those things are mixed in with a little toy hand reaching for a knife, the frights are somewhat dissipated.

The promos have suggested MGM’s Chucky is different from the traditional version (who is still alive and coming to SyFy soon). This one appears to be some kind of corrupt computer AI instead of the spirit of Charles Lee Ray. This means ol’ Chuck can have more than one body, and that he can take control of any electronic device around him. In a present where just about everything is “smart,” this makes the doll a very real threat indeed, even if he does look a bit silly.

What we REALLY can’t get used to is Aubrey Plaza playing against type as the normal, naive mother of Andy — instead of a crazy person, a creepy goth chick, or anything else she’s usually typecast as. A far better casting decision was Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky, though we barely get to hear him in this trailer.

But you know what we REALLY like? The untouched 80s Orion logo at the front, shaky film stock and all. MGM’s new version of Child’s Play comes to theaters June 21, the same day as Toy Story 4 (by complete coincidence, we’re sure).

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