Netflix To Open Physical Stores In 2025


This sounds pretty against brand, but the company that made it popular to get your entertainment directly from home, instead of picking it up from a store, has decided to get into the store business. Netflix is in the early stages of a venture called “Netflix House,” a franchise of small stores across the US that will exclusively sell Netflix-related stuff.

What kind of “stuff” varies. There will be merch, of course, but there will also be food, with menu items themed around whatever’s popular on the channel two years from now. There will also be events and attractions — one they mention is a Squid Game “obstacle course” you can freely partake in. (Given how dark the premise of Squid Game is, I’m amused by the ways Netflix has tried to capitalize on it as some kind of family thing. Whoops, you lose, time to harvest your organs for the black market!)

They can build it, but will people come? We’re skeptical. There are several things working against Netflix House….one, is there really a demand for objects built around Netflix IP that is strong enough to support an entire store? Two, with malls dying across America, where is such a specialty shop supposed to find a place to exist?

Currently, the most reliable place you can find merch related to Netflix is a specially labeled rack inside the entertainment department of most Wal-Mart stores. Every time I see that rack, there’s almost nothing on it, which either means the demand really IS that high, or the employees simply don’t ever keep the rack stocked properly. Knowing Wal-Mart, the second possibility is more likely.

[Source: Bloomberg]