Netflix Can’t Get Enough He-Man


Ever since Netflix teamed up with Mattel to produce the new, critically acclaimed version of She-Ra, it’s been to the “Masters” side of the Universe repeatedly. A new CG He-Man series for family audiences premiered last fall, and so did a two-part epic aimed at adult fans from Kevin Smith. Now we’re hearing about ANOTHER project set in Eternia — a brand-new live-action movie.

You likely already know there was an attempt at this in 1987 starring Courteney Cox as nobody relevant to the brand. The Masters of the Universe movie went mostly off-script and transported Prince Adam, Skeletor and a weird elf-thing replacing Orko to Earth, where they ran around empty streets and alleys while some teenagers got all the screentime. Despite the MOTU brand retaining some strength from its 1983 high, it did not reflect in box office numbers. The flick was considered a bomb, and pulled from theaters in just three weeks.

You can only go up from there, right? Sony has held the movie rights to MOTU for a while now, but has struggled to make anything out of it. This week they handed the production to Netflix, who intends to finish it and get it out to their subscribers. So who’s playing the characters?

For most of them, we don’t know yet, but it HAS been revealed Kyle Allen (last seen in Spielberg’s West Side Story) is our new He-Man. There has been some objection to this, as he lacks the muscle for the role. Unfortunately, the two actors in Hollywood known for looking strong (John Cena and Dwayne Johnson) are busy with other projects. Maybe they can CG some bulging biceps on Allen. Hope that doesn’t look terrible.

Netflix’s He-Man movie begins shooting this summer.