Nairi Tower of Shirin is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC at an unspecified date, but if you want, you can play a bit of it right now. A demo has just been released for Steam!

The Nairi mentioned in the title is a young spoiled woman who lives in the oasis city of Shirin. When a “sudden incident” separates her from her cushy life, she is forced to ally herself with the city’s seedy underbelly to survive, specifically with “gangster-turned-scholar” Rex (who is a literal rat).

“Nairi is an adventure game that will appeal to all kind of gamers, those who love this genre, and ones that just want something different, together with a challenge and it is visually appealing,” says Dan Muir, CEO of Hound Picked Games. “We don’t like to classify this as a point and click adventure, but more of a journey into a compelling story.”
“Nairi Tower of Shirin’s appeal lies in the unique synergy of a charming aesthetic, a rich storyline and an intuitive feel and presentation,” says Joshua van Kuilenburg, founder of HomeBearStudio. “The game features an adorably cute universe; fleshed out with complex and troubled characters. It’s is full of unexpected surprises.”

Earlier, Kulienberg dropped a few hints about the plot: “The poor district is plagued by The White Mask, a criminal who seemingly brainwashes people. And then there’s a conflict which goes way beyond Nairi’s initial plight of simply returning home. There’s an ominous mystery surrounding the titular Tower of Shirin.”

  • Gameplay blends several mechanics from the visual novel / point and click adventure genre.
  • First-person perspective; lots of poignant dialogue with a host of gorgeous character portraits.
  • Lots of puzzles which involve collecting, combining, giving or using items.
  • Talk to characters and observe the environment for clues on how to progress.
  • Music is directly composed by the writer of the game’s story and helps build atmosphere.
  • No long or obvious tutorials or constant exposition during dialogue.

Nairi Tower of Shirin currently has no release date, but if there’s already a demo, we’re assuming it will be out soon. Play Nairi for yourself by heading to this Steam page.