Vicarious Publishing has announced a new psychological horror game, My Beautiful Paper Smile, will be released in early 2020 on Steam. The game will come out in four chapters.

You play as a “Joyous,” a small child stuck in a brainwashing facility. The kid is an involuntary part of an experiment to create “perfect people” who are always smiling, but the kid is tired of this and is now attempting an escape. To pull this off you’ll have to get past each room safely and solve challenging puzzles. Crazy paper-cut art style with scrawled lines everywhere highlight the disturbing setting.

“My Beautiful Paper Smile will touch everyone when they play through it as it takes on sensitive issues we all acknowledge but never talk about,” said Michael Brown, CEO of Vicarious Publishing. “This title puts childhood experiences of mental health into perspective with horror environments.”

  • Stunning hand-drawn graphics.
  • Developed in Unreal Engine 4
  • Unique unsettling atmosphere.
  • Deep engrossing story.
  • Free yourself and try to escape the authorities ‘education’ facility.
  • Use stealth to avoid detection
  • Run and hide from the faceless one.
  • Uncover the reason behind the operation.
  • Discover the dark mystery behind the authorities’ twisted scheme.

My Beautiful Paper Smile will launch on Steam in early 2020.