BetaDwarf’s new Adventures are out now.

The entirely new Single Player gamemode Adventures, ten brand new cards including the new Stoutheart faction, three awesome Legendary cards and unique new skins – it’s their biggest content update yet!

Go on daring journeys in this rogue-like single-player mode. Draft your deck as you go and create the craziest combos – all available in Minion Masters right now!

How well do priestesses and crossbow dudes actually get along? View a 90 second live-action movie below.

Yeah, surprising right?

How best to use the Crystal Elves:

The Crystal Elves use overwhelming force from a distance, and hidden safely behind huge golems. Lord-Sentinel Thelec fields a whole battalion of his own if you bring enough spells. The bulky Guardian takes all the damage from your Border Patrol and Crystal Archers so they can bring the pain. Use Arcane Ring to punish anyone who tries to get too close to your Master.