Sometimes, it’s not what you say, but how you say it that gets peoples attention. In the case of Mortal Kombat X, many people noted that certain dialogues between new character Kung Jin and other characters seem to relate that he is gay. Primarily, It is this text between him and Raiden in a flashback scene.

Raiden is trying to get Kung Jin to join the Shaolin Monks, to which Kung Jin replies:

“I can’t… They won’t accept,” Kung Jin says, with Raiden responding. “They care only of what is in your heart, not whom your heart desires.”

Hmm…now to be fair, it could be taken many ways, but it’s hard not to deny how it sounds, right? Well, now we have confirmation of this via Dominic Cianciolo of NetherRealm. Who happily tweeted:

“I see people are picking up on the subtle exposition contained in Kung Jin’s flashback. Glad we have observant fans!”

So yes, Kung Jin is gay.

This in and of itself is a huge step for the Mortal Kombat series, who at best don’t exactly focus on characters and their stories as much as we might like. Truly though, with Mortal Kombat 9 and X, they’re trying not only to do more with their characters, they’re truly branching them out.