We don’t know much yet about Morbid Stories, the imminent indie horror anthology film from several aspiring directors. Typically these releases are accompanied by a press release, but this one lacks that. All we have to go on is a paragraph from IMDB.

When death is just the beginning, how important will it be to survive the end of times? Featuring 5 horrific tales from 5 up-and-coming indie filmmakers, Morbid Stories will become the latest horror anthology to die for this Halloween.

The fact that the five stories are apocalypse-themed is all that has been revealed, beyond a few clips and screenshots. Guess you’ll just have to watch it to find out how morbid the stories are.

Morbid Stories features segments written by Asif Akbar, Phil Herman, Ashley Mei and Mick Thomas, and directed by Akbar, Will Devokees, Clint Kelly, Mei and Thomas. Mei, Herman and Devokees also act in some of the stories, alongside Luke Gregory Crosby, Tim O’Hearn, Krystal Pixie Adams, Crystal Loverro and others.

Oh yeah….there’s also a trailer….but it’s less than a minute long. Morbid Stories will be out October 20.


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