The Moomins are back! Though if you’re American you’d be forgiven for not realizing they ever left. These big-nosed, white troll creatures are much more popular overseas — and they’ve been around for decades. Created by the late Tove Jansson, the Moomins have had adventures through countless books and comics, some of which have been released here from time to time. If you missed their new show, it’s coming to disc.

This hit series follows the curious and idealistic Moomintroll with his extraordinary family and whimsical friends, as they take us on an adventure into the magical world of Moominvalley, where we can learn more about our own humanity, relationships and emotions and especially about love.

Moominvalley was created for British television and features a killer cast of English-bred actors in its voice list, including Taron Egerton, Matt Berry, Rosamund Pike, Kate Winslet, Will Self, Warwick Davis, Richard Ayoade, Akiya Henry, Jennifer Saunders, and many more.

The Blu-Ray set will include all 13 episodes of Moominvalley, though if there are any bonus features, they have not been mentioned by distributor Dazzler Media. Look for the Moomins of Moominvalley to invade our cities November 4. Pre-orders are open on Amazon.