Dev studio Moi Rai Games is teaming up with publisher Team17 to bring you Monster Sanctuary, a unique title that blends together Metroidvania exploration with Pokemon-style creature collecting.

A dark presence threatens the peace between humans and monsters, and you must wander the land, recruiting monsters to combat the rising threat. Your monster friends will help you destroy objects in your way, solve puzzles and overcome obstacles with their various powers. When you encounter enemies, the screen changes to 3-on-3 turn-based combat. Win fights, discover hidden areas and save the balance of nature.

Monster Sanctuary challenges players to become the ultimate creature keeper and uncover the truth behind a mystery that threatens the harmony between humans and monsters. Monster Sanctuary sees players harness the powers of each of the monsters they manage to collect, unlocking unique skills trees that enable the party to explore and traverse the variety of environments they discover. The game’s deeply tactical combat relies on different configurations of monster combinations for success, while the promise of undiscovered secrets and rare monster eggs means rewards will be unlocked as the story-drive adventure progresses.

Monster Sanctuary will enter open beta on Steam Early Access later this month. You can start your journey August 28 for $17.99, and look forward to free updates in the months ahead.