If you’ve never heard the tale of the Monkey King before, it’s been passed around China for at least 500 years. It was most recently adapted into an animated movie that attracted large crowds in its home country. Now that movie has been adapted into a video game, “Monkey King: Hero Is Back.” The game version has just been released here.

Kung-Fu. Adventure. Chinese mythology. A boy named Liuer. A Monkey King. A 500-year old Chinese tale. All combined in a fun, frantic, funny action-adventure set in a bright, detailed and adorable fantasy world. Explore Monkey King’s hidden powers, engaging sense of humour, battling animal-like creatures and other-wordly bosses, all taken from the Chinese box office mega hit of the same name. Play out new never-before-seen side stories in this, the latest adaptation of the Journey to the West.

  • Combination of comical oriental ction and adventure
  • Simple controls and maneuverability
  • Unique and quirky weaponary
  • Easy – going pace
  • Family friendly difficulty levels
  • Learn special abilities and extraordinary moves
  • Fascinating blend of Chinese Mythology and Eastern Art
  • Never before seen episodes and highlights from the movie

The tale of Monkey King won’t be over once you complete the game…THQ Nordic has announced two additional DLC chapters are on the way: “Uproar In Heaven” and “Mind Palace.” Monkey King: Hero Is Back is out now for Playstation 4 and PC.


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