Mob Psycho 100 III And Bluelock Premiere On Crunchyroll This Week


A little psycho and a little soccer are what Crunchyroll is offering this week. The futbol anime Bluelock and the long-awaited third season of Mob Psycho 100 both premiere in mere days.

The present situation in Mob Psycho 100 is…weird. Due to the events of Mob Psycho 100 Season 2, there is now a…giant broccoli sprout in the middle of the city. And it gets weirder: the tree is now being worshipped by the Psycho Helmet Religion, who starts roping more people in until the entire city is devoted in submission to a massive vegetable. Well, Mob figures, however we got here, there’s one easy path out: just chop the thing down. This broccoli, however, won’t go so easily. It’ll take the combined efforts of Mob, Reigen, Ritsu, and Teru to get rid of it.

A couple days after the latest MP100, the sports anime Bluclock will premiere. “After a disastrous defeat at the 2018 World Cup, Japan’s team struggles to regroup. But what’s missing? An absolute Ace Striker, who can guide them to the win. The Japan Football Union is hell-bent on creating a striker who hungers for goals and thirsts for victory, and who can be the decisive instrument in turning around a losing match…and to do so, they’ve gathered 300 of Japan’s best and brightest youth players. Who will emerge to lead the team…and will they be able to out-muscle and out-ego everyone who stands in their way?”

Mob Psycho 100 III premieres October 5. Bluelock premieres October 8.