Shigeru Miyamoto has shared some new details about the upcoming 3DS platformer in an interview…

– Miyamoto says 3D Mario games are tough for some people because they don’t know where to go
– in 3D, it’s tougher for people to judge their jumps onto enemies
– Super Mario 3D Land has a bigger focus on jumping on enemies
– Super Mario 3D Land plays more like a 2D Mario game
– It feels specifically like Super Mario Bros. 3
– Miyamoto says making it to World 8 is pretty easy, but the game is quite difficult if you try some of the more challenging elements
– World 8 itself is very tough
– Miyamoto says a lot of games have unnecessary action moves that you don’t need
– there are more suits in the game than just Tanooki
– Miyamoto makes games that people don’t have to use 3D to enjoy, but there are some places in Super Mario 3D Land where 3D tricks the players



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