There’s a sale currently going on for BetaDwarf Entertainment’s tower defense MOBA known as Minion Masters. That game is free to download, true, but its add-ons and extra goodies cost money — except for the Might Of The Slither Lords DLC, because it’s ALSO free now! For a limited time only however (so quick that it may be up by the time you read this).

That’s not all….even if you miss the window to get Slither Lords, you can get Sand Wars, the latest free expansion to Minion Masters. It adds 10 new Season Cards (including Herald Ah’Mun, Slitherbound, Scratillery, Wreckinator 9000, Poison Strike and more), two new Master Skins (Stormfeather and Scraatsu), a whopping 125 tiers of rewards and more.

  • 125 tiers of rewards
  •  A heap of Season Tokens to collect all 10 new cards
  • Minion Masters’ first Legendary Arena
  • 2 NEW Master skins
  • 8 NEW Avatars
  • 4 NEW Emotes
  • Tons of XP, Rubies, Gold and Shards

Deploying their newest carnage contraption – the Wreckinator 9000 – the Scrats invade the Slither Dominion in their never ending hunger for “the Shiny“.
The Slither Lord Apep sends his most formidable Herald, Ah’Mun, to deal with their new pest problem…

BetaDwarf is more than happy to sell you the latest Season Pass to unlock this stuff, but it’s also possible to earn it all through playing the game. Minion Masters is available now for XBox and PC via Steam.