Several months ago, Super Smash Bros. boss Masahiro Sakurai promised the first Smash fighter in the second DLC pack would be from the Switch game ARMS….but he never elaborated beyond that. Months of speculation later, the fighter was revealed at 7 AM this morning as….Min Min, the ramen-themed one.

If you feel let down, you’re not alone (I myself was pushing for Twintelle), but Sakurai confessed Min Min wasn’t his original choice. He was actually leaning toward Ninjara, but the producer of ARMS told him “I want Min Min.” Sakurai didn’t necessarily have to obey, but he liked the suggestion.

Min Min’s immediate obvious advantage is in long-range combat. With her extendable arms she can hit an opponent from clear across the arena. To make up for this, though, she’s not very skilled at close-range fighting, and terrible at hitting opponents in the air. If you have to face Min Min, stay airborne as much as possible. Her weakness is so strong that the long-range attacks can usually be dodged by a simple jump.

Min Min’s Final Smash is ARMS Rush, inspired by the special move of an Assist Trophy from ARMS already in the game (Spring Man). Like his attack, it’s a flurry of punches, but this time, the entire cast of ARMS shows up and smashes the opponent at the same time. That’s one way of working everyone’s requested character into the game…

Min Min comes with 18 new music tracks (you read right) and a new stage, Spring Stadium. She will be available stating June 29 at an individual price of $5.99, or as part of the second Fighter Pass which is $29.99.