If you’ve seen Birds of Prey (And The Fantab…..oh right, that’s no longer part of the title), then you know The Joker is barely in it…not that you’d expect him to have much of a presence. The film is about Harley Quinn breaking free from his grip and striking out on her own, rounding up her own posse of chaos causers to take down a crime syndicate.

In the brief moments where the Joker does show up, though, it’s not Jared Leto, who played him in Suicide Squad. It was actually California-based indie artist Johnny Goth, who looked similar enough to Leto (at least in makeup) that he was asked to stand in.

“I knew a few people working on the film and they had heard they needed someone to be the Joker and thought it would be sick if I did it,” says Johnny. “They needed someone with similar hands to Leto’s Joker and someone who would fit the costumes so I just came in and turned out to be the same sizes and they gave me the part. We filmed about a month after.

“There were big shoes to fill taking on this role as someone with no experience but we had a good time and I hope to make my way back to the big screen soon.”

Maybe, maybe not, but if you want to familiarize yourself with Mr. Goth, his discography and merch is available at this link, or you can simply watch one of his music videos below.


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