It’s been a while since the last Final Fantasy themed cover album from Materia Collective, but they’re making up for it by adapting one of the best. EIDOLON is the title of a new 63-track album featuring rearrangements of classic melodies from 2000’s Final Fantasy IX.

You get tracks like a big band jazz version of “The Final Battle,” a rock opera take on “Roses of May”, a renaissance-themed arrangement of “A Place to Call Home,” and a riveting musical-style rendition of “I Want
to Be Your Canary.” Contributing musicians to the album include the Triforce Quartet, Videri String Quartet, StringPlayerGamer, videogame composers John Robert Matz (For the King), and Robby Duguay (Fossil Hunters).

“We thought the next Final Fantasy cover album from Materia Collective was long overdue, and we both have a big love for the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack,” comments album producers Emily McMillan and Joe Chen. “As the game focuses so much on character development and connections, we wanted to celebrate those ideas with a theme of collaboration. Each track on EIDOLON is the work of multiple Materia Collective artists working together to develop their interpretations of the classic music of Final Fantasy IX.”

You can grab EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX today on all digital storefronts. Use this link to reach them all…

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