When ABC announced they were pushing Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD into the summer, we figured they meant we wouldn’t know what happened to the crew until June. Fortunately, today we received confirmation the sixth season will begin a bit sooner than that.

The linked tweet below is, on its surface, nothing but PR fluff: a Valentine’s Day video consisting of nothing but kiss scenes and flirty dialogue from the previous season. Then, at the last second, we discreetly got a “May 2019” release date, almost completely missable in the lower corner of the Portrait Mode screen.

While this was recycled footage, we HAVE seen a bit of Season 6 already…a teaser was released on January 28 that confimed Phil Coulson was dead….and also suggested he was not so dead.

Mack has stepped in as leader in Phil’s absence, and he’s having a rough time of it. Melinda May is rather sore, having only recently gotten to kiss the man. Daisy and Yo-Yo are working out their grief through — what else — karate-kicking things and blasting their powers at bad guys. And then, of course, someone who looks a lot like Phil appears out of nowhere.

So is it truly Phil or is it one of the many established ways this series has to create a duplicate of someone? He doesn’t know who SHIELD is and he probably doesn’t remember any of the other agents….or did he ever meet them to begin with? Depends on what kinda Phil this is.

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD returns in May, with another guaranteed season to follow in 2020.