The Marvel / Netflix partnership is well and truly dead, and this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt: all the props and items that were used in the shows are now being sold off. Marvel has announced an auction, taking place in June, that will include items mainly used in The Punisher and The Defenders, though stuff from other shows will be represented.

Unfortunately, this is actually the third auction and we weren’t tipped off to the previous two. The second auction was the Jessica Jones one and that means we’ll never own Jessica’s Third Rate Joan Jett Wannabe Jacket, or Jeri’s bottle of suicide pills. The most coveted item in the vault, Daredevil’s suit, has already been sold….but you couldn’t afford it anyway, as it went for a whopping $55,000. I’m sure it’s serving its new role well as Palmer Luckey’s nighttime pajamas.

Let’s see what we’ve got here anyway.

  • Colleen Wing’s Stunt Katana And Sheath….ooo! There IS some good material after all. We all wish she had gotten to do more with this thing.
  • Danny Rand’s Gunslinger Costume
  • Billy Russo’s Punisher Nightmare Mask
  • Frank Castle’s Punisher Vest Costume
  • Kilgrave’s Dinner with Jessica at Home 3-Piece Suit, Belt and Pocket Square
  • Jessica Jones’ First Leather Jacket Costume
  • Billy Russo’s Jigsaw Mask
  • Dragon Bones and Case (I don’t remember what this was from)
  • Danny Rand’s Defenders Costume (The most pathetic outfit billions can buy)
  • Luke Cage’s Defenders Costume
  • Matt Murdock’s Red Daredevil Cowl You can’t wear the full outfit, but you can at least adorn your head
  • Elektra Natchios’ Hangar Fight Costume

Twelve things are listed, and we have no clue if there will be more. The auction will be held this June.

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