Polish game developer SONKA is putting Mars Power Industries on the Nintendo Switch next week.

You won’t be colonizing Mars in this one…because it was already colonized a long time ago, and it doesn’t seem to have gone very well. THIS trip to the Red Planet is for the purpose of figuring out what went wrong. It’s a solo mission.

As you explore the colony and solve the mystery, your ultimate goal is to power everything back up, and you’ll do this by solving puzzles in each area. It’s a pretty chill puzzler, with no real penalties for doing anything wrong (unlike the last time they tried doing something on Mars). SONKA calls this a “Zen Puzzler” (sounds like something slightly above the waterfall puzzler we just covered).

  • Zen-like gameplay with no timers, high scores or impending threats
  • 90+ brain teasing puzzles of varying difficulty
  • All new astral synthwave soundtrack composed by Piotr Surmacz
  • Mysterious and intriguing story
  • Low price
  • HD Rumble enhanced

You’ll have the power November 15 when Mars Power Industries appears on the Nintendo eShop. It’ll be a low $3.99.

The Mars colonies have gone eerily quiet so you’ve been sent to the planet, alone. Your sole purpose is to bring humanity’s existing bases back on the grid. Optimal building placement, order of operations and saturated synth vibes all mixed in with brain-teasing puzzles.

Sit back, zone out and bring the colony back online while slowly uncovering the heartbreaking fate of what happened to the previous missions sent to tame the red planet.