Back in 2012, a singer known on YouTube as Malukah uploaded a video of a Mass Effect cover song. The video went viral and gifted her the popularity she’d always craved. Now eight years later, Malukah is back with “Reignite,” a tribute album based on her original video.

“This song marked an important part of my life,” Malukah explains. “I’d been struggling as a musician for years and felt I’d run out of options. I had decided to stop chasing that dream.”

“And then, a cover video I made went viral. At first, I was reluctant to get my hopes up again that I could do this. Make a living from music. But months later, while writing the lyrics to Reignite, I realized I was singing those words to myself. To not give up. Those lyrics weren’t only about Shepard.”

“So I cried like a baby. And made up my mind to keep trying even though I was scared of how difficult it would be. That’s one of my favorite things about writing. It can be life changing even when you least expect it.”

Says Maulkah, “Reignite is a tribute to Commander Shepard and all of the Mass Effect characters that kept me company while playing the games.”

Leaving Earth (Clint Mansell – Mass Effect 3)

I Was Lost Without You (Sam Hulick – Mass Effect 3)

Mass Effect Theme (Jack Wall/Sam Hulick – Mass Effect)

A Future for the Krogan (Christopher Lennertz – Mass Effect 3)

The Citadel (Richard Jacques/Jack Wall/Sam Hulick – Mass Effect)

You can find Reignite: The Mass Effect Tribute Album on the storefronts linked here.

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