Don’t forget to vote November 6. Or if you do forget to vote, have a good excuse, like “I was watching this new movie about a little girl who builds a monster to exact revenge on her enemies.”

Small Sam Pepper has had it rough the past few years. She lost her mother in a car accident, when her best friend PJ was in the backseat alongside her. You’d think PJ would be fully aware of Sam’s need for sympathy, but instead he grows apart from her and three years later, they’re outright rivals.

After PJ bullies Sam yet again, she decides enough is enough. She rips open a comic book and orders a Build Your Own Monster Kit from the ads. Now life is going to go Sam’s way…or else!

Mail-Order Monster isn’t the typical type of creature feature we call attention to around here — it’s intended for children and it carries a Dove Award sticker on the poster. But for pure family entertainment, you can’t beat a premise like this. Mail-Order Monster will be out on VOD platforms November 6 From Filmmode Entertainment.

Also: Charisma Carpenter is somewhere in this movie.

PJ bullies Sam through ostracizing and humiliating her in front of their classmates. As Sam watches the school laugh at her through the slits of her locker, she realizes she’s had enough. Sam orders the parts to build a “Monster” from a comic book ad, and is finally able to give PJ a taste of her own medicine.

Finally, her life’s changing for the better. When her father, Roy, reveals he proposed to his girlfriend, Sydney Hart, Sam sees just how much her life’s about to change. Unable to face the state of her family, Sam relies on her monster to keep her from getting a new mom.