You have to love the concept behind Magicats Builder, launching in one week for PC and mobile platforms. To win this game….you must first MAKE the game.

Coding was once a long-forgotten, mysterious skill in MagiCats Land – an elegant tool for a more civilized age. The moment Caramel the Cat comes in contact with the power of code, he is instantly transformed into a MagiCat – determined to master the art of coding to share it with the world!

Caramel gets busy populating the entire world with his creations – but he soon begins to grow bored … and turns to his fellow MagiCats for help. And lo and behold, this elite group of MagiCats all begin building “Catstructions” together – challenging one another to gather characters and create bigger and better Catstructions.

Create the 2D platformer of your dreams by utilizing simple drag-and-drop mechanics to create platforms, hazards, enemies and more. The more creative you are, the better you’ll be rewarded by the International Confurderation of MagiCat Amusement (aka the leaderboard, which changes weekly).

  • Join an epic 2D sandbox platformer adventure.
  • Create custom levels where only your imagination is the limit.
  • Customize anything and everything using a simple coding tool.
  • Enjoy colorful, hand-drawn environments.
  • Test your customized game design in real time.
  • Share your creations with the world and challenge friends.
  • Explore a huge number of levels created by the community.
  • Create and compete with friends in 2-4 multiplayer mode.

You don’t even have to make levels to have a good time — just explore other ones. Magicats Builder has spent a good few months in Steam Early Access and has built up a solid library of user-generated levels, and the number is growing each day.

The best part? Magicats Builder is free (well, “free” in the sense that they charge for extra parts… know how this works). The game officially launches on Steam, Google Play and the App Store June 10. Show the world how creative a cat you are!

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