Puzzle-based platformers don’t usually come with heavy stories, but Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey puts an emotional drive behind your actions. You play as the mouse-bunny hybrid Bilby, who has been separated from her children after a massive hurricane. She has to find them, but countless obstacles are in her way. You must clear them for her.

Good thing Bilby’s species — whatever it is — possesses magical abilities. She’ll be able to use these abilities, as well as the water physics engine, to solve the puzzles in each area and advance.

You know what surprises us the most about Macrotis? There isn’t a trailer for it. This seems like a game that would make a great impression through a trailer, but developer Proud Dinosaurs did not provide one in the press release.

  • Fully voiced story
  • Cute character design with magical abilities
  • Challenging puzzle platforming design
  • Eye-catching art style
  • Professionally produced soundtrack
  • Multi-language support
  • Controller support

Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey arrives on Steam in just one week — February 8.


Set in a fantasy world, Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey sees a mother Bilby in search of her children as a magical Hurricane with endless rains begins to flood the world. Players will come across a variety of creatures and challenges to overcome to rescue her children.