Developer ForestLight Games and publisher Ultimate Games SA have announced a new third-person survival adventure game taking place in the time of Vikings. They’re calling it “Lost Viking: Kingdom Of Women.”

Yes, they’re serious about that title — there is an actual place in the game called “The Kingdom Of Women.” Maybe they wanted Amazons originally, but there weren’t any in the ancient Norselands, so they just winged it?

You are Ragnald, a Viking Who Is Lost. Your only ally is your pet wolf Raga, because all the other vikings in your tribe have fallen into a trap and are now the prisoners of that Kingdom of Women you’ve heard about. This includes your family, so though survival is your immediate concern, your ultimate goal is to find a way to sneak into the kingdom and save them.

“Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women combines adventure, exploring the unknown, a fight for survival and a fascinating history,” states Maciej Szymas of ForestLight. “This adventure will not be easy, but Ragnald will not be alone. He’ll be supported by a wolf, i.e. a Viking’s best friend. In many situations the wolf is necessary and the player will have to also take care of his companion.”

The main features of Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women:

  • A fight for survival;
  • An extensive crafting system;
  • An unknown world to discover;
  • Diversified gameplay;
  • Stylish, low poly 3D graphics;
  • Hunting, crossings, fights;
  • A wolf, a Viking’s best friend;
  • Original soundtrack (Jakub Morte).

Ultimate Games plans to release Lost Viking: Kingdom Of Women in either the spring or summer of 2020, depending on how smoothly development goes at ForestLight.

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