In Breaking Glass Pictures’ upcoming new mystery thriller Lost Child, an army veteran returns to her childhood home only to get waist-deep in a bizarre mystery. She’s expecting to see her brother there, but he’s disappeared. In his place there’s some kid in the woods, with no known parents or relatives. There’s more than one lost kid in Lost Child. How are all these children getting themselves lost?

Perhaps it has something to do with the evil ghost haunting these woods, the Tatterdemalion. And he just happens to take the form of a small kid. More lost children!

Lost Child stars Leven Rambin, Jim Parrack, Taylor John-Smith, Landon Edwards, and was directed by Ramaa Mosley. It will be screened theatrically at three locations on September 14:

  • New York – Cinema Village
  • Los Angeles – Laemmle Monica
  • Missouri – Glass Sword

If you can’t reach any of those places, Lost Child will be out on DVD and VOD platforms a few days later, on September 18.

LOST CHILD follows an army veteran, Fern, who returns home in order to look for her brother, only to discover an abandoned boy lurking in the woods behind her childhood home. After taking in the boy, she searches for clues to his identity, and discovers the local folklore about a malevolent, life-draining spirit that comes in the form of a child; the Tatterdemalion.