Loot: Maya Rudolph got dumped by her husband but the Divorce settlement is $87 Billion


Loot is an original comedy coming to Apple TV+. It is a collaborative creation of Matt Hubbard and Alan Yang. Both of them worked for successful sitcoms like Joey, Parks, and Recreation, and Master of None, and It stars SNL Alumni Maya Rudolph.

Elon Musk and Grimes are no longer together, but they are not married. Therefore, there is no divorce settlement. Let’s be honest, and He purchased Twitter out of pettiness from that break-up.

There is no prenup between Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. So fortunately for her, she can get half of his $130.3 billion Net worth. The People behind this series may not admit it, but I have one conspiracy theory. This series is inspired by the Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce. Maybe with a Dash of Donald and Ivana Trump.

If you are a homemaker and your marriage ends, What will you do if you get billions of dollars from your cheating spouse?

Loot Official Trailer

Molly thought she had a perfect life with her college sweetheart and Husband (Adam Scott). Her ideal life will break into pieces when he finds out her husband has an affair with a younger woman.

“Was she even born, when we graduated college”! She asked her husband when she found out the truth.

“Actually, she was one” her husband answered.

After a tragic storm, There is a pot of gold by the rainbow’s end. Molly and her husband didn’t sign a prenup when they got married, meaning she would get half of his money. She got a whopping $87 billion from the nullification of their matrimony. Rich people have foundations and charities so that they won’t pay as much taxes. Molly found out that her ex founded a charity foundation after her name. She decided to start over with her life and run that foundation so she could move on from the pain of her broken marriage.