You likely know by now what Loot Crate is, whether by word of mouth or through one of their inescapable advertisements. It’s a subscription service wherein you are sent a mystery box each month filled with collectible items relating to geekly interests. Now Loot Crate is expanding into the video game market with Loot Play.

How will Loot Crate translate the physical experience of their main product into electronic form? We’ve reported in recent months on new companies that provide subscription services for indie games — you pay them so much a month, you get an endless pipeline of indie games. It’s the same deal with Loot Play.

Loot Play offers five indie games per month, delivered to your PC on the 17th. They’re being tight-lipped on what’s coming (even for the first month), but they have revealed ONE game on the way: Crossing Souls, described as a “rad action-adventure rich with 80s nostalgia.” Crossing Souls came out for the PC last winter, and was released for the Switch in July.

The normal, non-committal price for Loot Play is $11.99 a month, but if you sign up for a year, the cost is reduced to $10. Loot Play starts its services November 17. A valid Steam account is required.