What’s the root cause of violence in our society? Everybody is looking for something or someone to blame. Nothing is ever as simple as it appears in this complex reality of ours, but that doesn’t stop the fictional US administration at the center of the new movie Loners from attempting an easy fix.

Observing that most people who commit acts of terror tend to be loners, the government concludes: terrorism must happen because people don’t have enough friends! Congress swiftly makes loneliness illegal and requires everybody to be friends with a certain amount of people under penalty of law. At least they didn’t go the “Purge” route this time.

Director Eryc Trammon says, “Loners presented a unique opportunity to engage an audience with humor while exploring a topical conundrum: In a world so socially connected, is there a connection between those who choose not to connect and those disconnected from reality? And of those disconnected, are they really connected to potential violence? Loners makes that connection in a world where President Camacho would be proud.”

Loners stars Khary Payton (“The Walking Dead”), Stephen Tobolowsky (Spaceballs, “Silicon Valley”), Brian Letscher, Melissa Paladino, Tyson Turrou, David Christian Welborn, Brenda Davidson, Michael Monks, Madeleine Woolner, Neil McGowan, Keith Stevenson, Will Greenberg (TBS’ “Wrecked”), and Rob Kerkovich (“NCIS: New Orleans”).

The film will make its world debut at the Ahrya Fine Arts in Los Angeles on May 30, followed by a weeklong run at the Laemmle Music Hall beginning May 31. From there, Loners will be released on DVD and VOD platforms in the near future.

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