Some interesting news just came out of Variety: Disney is considering giving the MCU characters Loki and Scarlet Witch their own limited-series programs.

We’re truly talking about the MCU here. The connection would not be reduced to a couple mentions offhand, like what happens in Agents of SHIELD or Netflix’s Daredevil (“hey. remember when that movie thing happened? That was wild, wasn’t it?”) These aren’t replacement actors. These will really be Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen playing their cinema characters.

“What are Loki and Scarlet Witch doing together? Is she cheating on Vision?” you might say. There are no plans for them to meet. Thor’s brother and Wanda are starring in separate shows, each described by Variety as six to eight episodes in length. And there could be more solo miniseries starring Marvel movie characters in the future.

So if you had to guess, where do you think these shows will turn up? Same place anything else cool and crowd-pleasing will be headed for the next few years…a startup streaming service by a major entertainment conglomerate. To watch “Loki” or “Scarlet Witch” (tentative names, but probably the actual names) you’ll have to buy at least one month’s worth of streaming time.

We won’t know more about Disney’s streaming channel until 2019, and may not see trailers for these Loki and Scarlet Witch shows until later on. But they’re coming. And you thought Loki was dead!

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