Idea Factory is publishing Mary Skelter 2 on the Switch next month. And today they revealed there WILL be a physical version, published through Limited Run Games. The physical will not go on sale until November 26, a month after the digital version, and it won’t actually mail to customers until 2020, but it will exist in solid form eventually.

Limited Run’s Douglas answered fan questions in a recent live Twitch stream four days before this announcement. Mary Skelter was brought up by someone, and Douglas’s reply was “I don’t know yet, we’ll see.” Well played.

What is Mary Skelter and when did the first one happen? It was published back on the PS Vita in September of 2017. It’s a horror-themed dungeon crawler with turn-based battles and anime sensibilities.

Mary Skelter 2 is more of the same, basically, but odds are you missed the first game. Idea Factory has you covered….the Switch release of Mary Skelter 2 will contain the original Mary Skelter: Nightmares as a bonus. You kinda need to play it first as the protagonist of the original, Jack, reappears in the sequel. To say how or why would be a spoiler.

You’ve gotta escape a dark dungeon full of horrifying monsters….twice. As you maneuver through the chambers, you’d best keep out of the line of sight….though one is gonna see you eventually. If it does, you’ll enter “Murder Hunt” mode where you’ll be chased in real time and must escape without the aid of a map. If it manages to catch you, all is not lost. Good thing you can bring some of these monsters onto your side and have them battle for you as Blood Maidens.

  • Nightmares are powerful Marchens that protect the dungeon’s core. They are invincible and regardless of how many times you defeat them, they will rise again and continue their chase. When the Jail becomes unstable, there is a chance that a Nightmare will appear out of nowhere and ambush you with Murder Hunt. During a Murder Hunt, a white haze appears and you lose sight of your mini map. The only way to survive is to run!
  • Build Your Own Blood Maiden – When leveling Blood Maidens, players can use CP points to level up skills and learn new ones. Surprise enemies by teaching party members to learn from 5 different jobs beyond their specialties, which can alter a Blood Maidens’ abilities, the gear they can equip, and even their appearance. Mix-and-match skills based on your playing style!
  • Farm for Blood, Reap the Benefits – Use Blood Crystals to plant Blood Flowers, which can be harvested for additional items. Splash Blood Flowers with Marchen blood for an increased chance of getting rarer items when harvested. There are no two same items, so remember to keep harvesting and reap all the benefits!

Mary Skelter 2 will be out on the Switch October 22, just in time for Halloween.