As one of the great geniuses of the Renaissance, Leonardo DaVinci continues to be a subject of fascination, not just for his paintings but for his invention diagrams that were way ahead of their time. DaVinci was undeniably awesome and his impact on pop culture continues to this day. This man had a Ninja Turtle named after him, the LEADER Turtle for crying out loud.

It remains to be seen what kind of honor Leo DaVinci: Mission Mona Lisa will bestow upon this guy. A foreign animated film dubbed into English and released in a little over thirty theaters nationwide, it may not matter if no one sees it anyway. But just so we’re clear, it’s a film in which the young Leo crushes on Lisa (yes, the “Mona” one), has a flying machine that really works, fights pirates, and has the backup of supporting characters who make poses like this:

At least she’s not dabbing.

There’s trouble in Italy: Lisa’s home has burned down! Having no way of reimbursing the landlord, the man demands Lisa’s father marry her off to his awful son instead! Leo has to stop this from happening, and when he stumbles on a treasure map, he may have found a solution. Too bad the aforementioned pirates are also after it. Wackiness ensues, all of it 100% historically accurate.

The only marquee name in the English dub of Leo DaVinci: Mission Mona Lisa is prolific anime VA Johnny Yong Bosh as the title character (not Lisa), but it also has Cherami Leigh, Bryce Papenbrook, Faith Graham, Landen Beattie, Michael Sorich, Keith Silverstein, Jamieson Price, Darrel Guilbeau and Tom Fahn. It runs 85 minutes and, who knows, could be entertaining enough. Check out the trailer below….

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