Tired of encountering the same old scales and claws? RPG makers Jetpack 7 have announced Legendary Dragons, an enhancement tome for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. The Kickstarter is live and successful!

Legendary Dragons is a supplement that adds at least 12 new and unique dragons to D&D, along with some new wyverns, drakes and hydras for good measure. Not only will the stats and lore behind these dragons be greatly enhanced beyond the default D&D dragon, but you’ll be able to see them in gorgeous full-color illustrations.

  • New Kobolds
  • New Dragon Races
  • New Lairs
  • Dragon Cults
  • Dragon Riders
  • Dragon Hunters
  • Dragon Hunting Factions
  • Dragon Hunting & Monster Hunting Economies
  • New spell components you can only get by hunting Dragons
  • Enhance existing spells with your new Dragon spell components
  • Dragon hoard Items
  • Dragon Tactics and how to use Dragons effectively in your game!
  • Aerial Combat Options
  • And much, much more…

Upon launch, Legendary Dragons was funded in just 48 hours. As of this writing there are 17 days left to make a pledge. The lowest you can contribute is $15 for the PDF version, though for $10 you will be offered a discount on the retail version when it comes out. Get your dragons here.