Elastic Games has announced a release date for their upcoming multiplayer action survival game, Last Year: The Nightmare. It’s coming in just two weeks, December 18, to the Discord Store. (Today we learned you can publish games on Discord…)

Multiplayer action survival games have become popular in recent years. For those unfamiliar with the mechanics, a number of players enter a game map — one is a dangerous killer whose goal is to kill everyone, while the goal of the other players is just to survive until the end of the match. Last Year: The Nightmare is no different.

If any of the characters in this game sound familiar, there’s a reason. Elastic signed up an all-star roster of video game voice talent, including Melissa Hutchison (TellTale’s The Walking Dead), Zeno Robinson (Metal Gear Survive), Michael Johnston (Teen Wolf), Erica Lindbeck (Spider-Man), Noshir Dalal (Red Dead Redemption 2), Elias Toufexis (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey), Ray Chase (Final Fantasy XV) and Jon Olson (World of Warcraft).

You’ll be able to experience Last Year: The Nightmare December 18 when it goes live on Discord for $29.99. If buying a game on a chat service is too weird, there will be a console version of the game sometime in 2019.

Halloween night. 1996. A group of teenagers awake to find themselves trapped in a dark, twisted reflection of their sleepy hometown of Forest Hills. As they make their way across the East Side High School campus, they realize they are being hunted by a supernatural force taking the forms of fearsome killers. Relentlessly pursued, the teens must band together to fight back, survive, and escape the terrifying anomaly they have come to know as The Nightmare.

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