Turns out a lot of those extreme 90s comic book characters are still around…we heard from Spawn not too long ago, and now here’s a new product with Lady Death on it. Lady Death: Last Stand is her first venture into the tabletop gaming scene, and it’s coming to us from Cold War Inc, creators of such games as Squarriors: The Card Game and Fight Your Friends.

To play, first choose your character (Lady Death is one of three). Then pick from one of fifteen campaign scenarios, all of which involve large hordes of hellions charging at you. But fear not…you have 36 abilities to pick from and powerful magic attacks to blast them with. If things get too hot, there are five tiers of difficulty. The game can be played either solo or with a friend.

The Lady Death: Last Stand Kickstarter launched on Black Friday and has since broken through its goal of $40.000. Now halfway through its campaign duration, its funds are at $46K and climbing.

The basic core version of Lady Death: Last Stand is worth a $45 pledge. Upgrade to the $60 “Bronze Bundle” and get five frameless variant cards. for $75 you’ll get the Deluxe Version with more dice, more counters, exclusive variant cards and more. There is a tier that will give you just the playmat ($30), but we don’t know what good it does if you don’t have the game.

There are 16 days left in the Lady Death: Last Stand tabletop game Kickstarter. The estimated frame of delivery is Fall 2020. Pledge by heading to this link.