We see a lot of crowdfunding campaigns for tabletop games, but they’re usually brand-new creations or sequels to existing ones. But there are plenty of interesting board games in other countries we never see. And we might have not seen THIS one had LionWing Publishing not come to its rescue…they’re crowdfunding an English version of the JRPG board game Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival, a hit on its own turf.

Designed by Chinese-Japanese design studio Liner Note, Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival is a co-op boss battle board game for one to four players, controlled with cards and dice. LionWing describes the experience as “part Monster Hunter, part Final Fantasy, and part Grandia in its gameplay design and visual presentation.”

There are a lot of monsters out there stomping around Kradia, and you can’t defeat them alone. It’ll take the cooperation of all your party members and a clever game plan to take down each beast.

Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival contains two ways to play: there’s a Story Mode, which plays a lot like a video game JRPG and even has “cutscene” elements where you learn about the characters in between fights. The Challenge Mode cuts all that out and just sends you directly into battle, already leveled up and facing the most challenging monsters in the game.

We would normally link you to the campaign at this point, but you can’t pledge just yet — it hasn’t begun. Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival will launch its Kickstarter near the end of this month, June 23. We’ll post more about it then.