The Legend of Korra featured a professional sports bending league where players would meet in an arena and battle 3-on-3 using their elemental powers against each other. It’s taken this long for something from the Avatar-verse to be turned into a tabletop game….why not start with the most obvious choice? Soon you too will be able to participate in Pro Bending, whether you can manipulate water with your arms or not.

To play, participants split into two teams: the Fire Ferrets (Korra’s own team) and the White Hill Wolfbats (the rivals they fought against in Season One). Gameplay relies on deck building; bending cards are used to launch elemental tokens across the board in an effort to knock the other players out of the arena. First team to eliminate all three rivals wins the match.

Pro Bending Arena is the first of several tabletop games on the way based in the Avatar/LoK world; IDW and Nickelodeon have entered an agreement to produce multiple products. It’s coming to specialty shops this fall for $50 guaranteed, but there will also be a Kickstarter campaign at some point with extra items you won’t find in the retail package.


[Source: iO9]

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