Developer Playdek has released an update on the Kickstarter page for Unsung Hero, explaining that the game is now back in development and seeking more traditional funding so that it can be completed. However, backers have voiced their complaints in large numbers following the update from the studio.

There’s even the threat of a class-action lawsuit that at least one backer is trying to get off the ground in response to what they feel is the developer purposely misleading them. Numerous comments to the update post on Kickstarter also showed their immense displeasure, believing that the game has evolved into a multiplayer game rather than the singleplayer title that they were initially promised.

Unsung Hero began life on Kickstarter as a strategy-RPG that was set to have a plot and design by Final Fantasy Tactics developer Yasumi Matsuno. It raised more than $600,000 in its campaign, but development effectively stopped in February 2016 so the company could concentrate on other projects to ensure the financial health of the studio.

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