Juri Han and Kimberly revealed for Street Fighter 6


Juri Han, The first female villain in Street Fighter history, made her debut in Street Fighter IV. She became such a big fan favorite that the only Street Fighter 4 character who returned as playable in Street Fighter V is her. In Street Fighter V, she became less of a villain and more of an Anti-hero.

Something I notice with Juri’s new model changes in her proportions; She is Flat Chested in Street Fighter 4, then became busty in Street Fighter V, and now she got reduction again. I guess she realizes that silicone implants are not for her.

I guess now that M.Bison, who murdered her parents, is dead, she has no more reason to be vengeful. She still maintained her sadistic and playful behavior. The psychotic Taekwondo master from Korea is back for the third game in a row. She is now a legacy character for Street Fighter 6.


Juri Han reveal trailer

Kimberly, a new face, also joined the roster. She is an African American teenage ninja obsessed with 80s pop culture. You can see it with her fashion and love for her cassette-playing Walkman. She is a Bushin-Ryu ninja, so she could be either an apprentice of Guy or Geki. Capcom is not known for good hair animation, and I remember the meme of Trish from Devil May Cry being called a Plank head because her hair looks like a plank. Seeing a character like Kimberly with beautiful hair animations wet my tear ducts from happiness. Some fans will compare Kimberly to Isla from the King of Fighters because both use graffiti spray paint on their move set.

Kimberly Gameplay

The roster of Street Fighter 6 got revealed months ago, but they are nothing but concept arts. So to see Juri’s makeover and Kimberly’s debut is a feast for the eyes.