Joy Ride, Finding her Biological Mother turned into Crazy Misadvanture


 Joy Ride is a Girl’s trip comedy from Lion’s Gate. After the success of Minari and Everything, Everywhere All at once, the demand for Asian American content increased. Golden Globe Winner and Oscar Nominee Stephanie Hsu is fresh from the success of EEAAO. She already proven her comedy chops from her previous movie, and she will amplify that even more. Ashley Park is mostly known for her tenure in Broadway but she plays sidekick in Emily in Paris. Now she is the lead role in this movie and she delivered on the trailer. Comedian Sherry Cola gets small roles on TV comedies, but this is her big break. Sabrina Wu is a writer for Doogie Kamealoha, M.D but they are now stepping of the Keyboard going in front of the camera.

China’s one child policy (now a two-child policy) leads to many parents putting their children up for adoption. Hundreds of babies, mostly girls got sent to foreign countries. In 2020 over 400 Chinese babies got adopted in the US. This movie shows what happen when they grow up?

Joy Ride official Trailer

Audrey(Ashley Park) is Adopted and despite of that she grew up with loving  Caucasian  adoptive parents. She is able to get connected with her Chinese Culture thanks to childhood neighbor and best-friend Lolo(Sherry Cola).

The friends goes to a trip to China because she wants to find her biological parents. The people who adopted her gave her all the love in the world but she needs to feel complete. Meeting her Biological parents is the only the only way to fill that gap. Lolo will fill a bit upset because her protective parents decided to send her cousin Deadeye(Sabrina Wu) to accompany them. In China they are going to get reunited with their clumsy and hot mess of a college friend Kat(Stephanie Hsu).

The squad is all geared up for a laid-back train trip when things suddenly take an unexpected turn. Before they know it, a crafty drug dealer frames them. In China, drug dealers got punished with life imprisonment. This stroke of bad luck sends them on a wild and thrilling ride full of crazy adventures. Buckle up because it’s going to be anything but simple! Joy Ride will be in theaters this July 7, 2023