In 1992 Electrobrain published Jim Power In The Lost Dimension on Super NES and Amiga computers. You played a macho tough dude, typical of the era, who had to travel to a planet full of mutants and shoot everything in a quest to rescue the President’s daughter. The game was mostly known for how punishingly hard it was — enemies were relentless, bullets were everywhere and Jim would perish in one hit.

No one has seen Jim since, but a team of retro coders are now working on resurrecting the game…and not just for the platforms it was released on. Their goal started out as an effort to port Jim Power to the NES (where super-hard shooters were at home)…but when Piko Interactive went to acquire the rights, they discovered an unreleased, completely finished Genesis version of the game existed.

Now Jim Power is about to be rereleased in five different ways by Piko: on NES, on SNES, on Genesis, on PC, and even on TurboGrafx-16 CD (this version was released only in Japan). You’ll be able to play the PC version by either emulating Amiga or using DOSBox (a DOS version will be included).

We’re particularly interested in the NES version that started all this, as it’s being coded by Shiru, a star in the NES homebrew scene. He’s been able to achieve parallax, scaling, rotation and other crazy tricks on 8-bit hardware…this is a video of his most recent demo:

The Kickstarter for the return of Jim Power is live now. A $50 pledge gets you a physical copy of the game on the platform of your choice. A Special Edition with a manual, box, and all stretch goals is also available for $80. Secure your copy by heading here.