The popular assumption among Smash Bros fans was that longtime series director Masahiro Sakurai was planning not to include a single-player story mode in Smash Bros Ultimate. The reasons being: they’re time-consuming to make, they’re not as popular as the multiplayer mode, and you can just watch all the cutscenes on YouTube without playing.

But one devoted Smash fan with visual effects training thinks he’s discovered evidence a story mode will be in the game. While watching the latest Nintendo Direct, he discovered that the secret menu item Sakurai wouldn’t show, which is pixelated in the video, becomes less pixelated for about two frames — enough to just make out a word. Using filtering software, he enhanced the contrast of the screenshot to reveal…..the word “SPIRITS.”

What did we see in the Direct? Spirits. Specifically we saw Luigi become a spirit, and before that we saw Mario and Mega Man seemingly bumped off by Ridley. These were the kind of dramatic cinematics that made up the Subspace Emissary, to date the first and only time Smash has used an elaborate story mode. Like we said, Sakurai claimed they were too much work. But maybe he’s changed his mind?

if this does mean a story mode, we’ve curious as to how it was pulled off. We’re getting this Smash much sooner than we had to wait between Brawl and Smash for Wii U, and that one had no story mode. Maybe the dev team has discovered a more efficient method of making these? We have no idea. All we do know is that Super Smash Bros Ultimate is coming this December to Switch.

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